Not so often I make posts just regarding general “updates” :P

Anyways, first I just wanted to say that I have now added a donation button to the blog (right under the header). Ofc, I’m not forcing anyone to pay… but a little money would always be appreciated considering the HUGE amount of time I put down to keep this blog active. 

(Also, it’s my birthday today ;P)

Secondly I also would like to point out that the awesome RandomDraggon has started a blog similar to this, but ONLY featuring edits from DA. Please check Citrustars out if you’re interested ^^

That was all for now :)

Just to clear a few things up…

…regarding why I don’t post links to DA edits anymore.

It has come to my attention that some people seem to believe that the reason I stopped featuring edits from DeviantArt is because… I simply don’t like them. Or because I believe they’re of less “quality” than japanese edits.

For example, I got this comment on the last CitruSmoothie survey;

"One thing I want to draw to attention is that its sort of…. I guess "unfair" to say you’re not going to post "model edits" to CitruSmoothie yet you still post edits made by the Japanese Community. I understand the problems with dA edits, but these models are still edits no matter what community they come from. Fair enough if the individual has made new clothes for the model but as far as I’m concerned they’re still edits. Of course its your blog and your decision but to say you’re going to post original models then still post edits…its sort of unbalanced, in my opinion."

One person even went so far as to say that I should stop altogether posting links from the japanese community and ONLY post edits from DA, as "the original models are not even half-decent, usually look extremely gross and ugly, and the edits from deviantart are really cute". (Just… wtf?)

Also I noticed on the question where I asked about edits and game-rips, most people miss the time when I used to post DA edits on the blog.

So, let’s start then with the reasons why I no longer post DA edits.

First off, I just want to say that I never said I was going to ONLY feature official models. I clearly stated when I stopped posting DA edits that I would JUST stop with edits from DA, not ALL kinds of edits. If I would stop with edits altogether, very few models would still be left (as even if a model looks like it’s totally made from scratch, it’s not unusual that it has borrowed bones/physics or .spa files from other models).

So to the core question then; WHY don’t I post links to DA edits?

It’s because of 3 reasons;

  1. This blog was originally intended to ONLY be a blog for official models.
  2. The “western” MMDC have no trouble finding and downloading models from DA, compared to models from the japanese MMDC.
  3. I used to get into a lot of… “problems” when uploading edits from DA.

Now let’s look into those reasons more in-depth:

1. As I also said in an earlier post, CitruSmoothie was intentionally just created to feature models from the japanese MMDC. The reason I even started with DA edits was because there was a time when I didn’t know how to search properly for japanese models, and so my “storage” of links tended to be kind of… limited. I decided to also feature DA edits as there were so many of them, so my “storage” was never empty.
However, as time went by I actually learned how to search and discover japanese models as well.. so suddenly I came to the realization that it was no way I could keep up with the japanese models if I would also post edits from DA.

2. I believe most people in the western MMDC have their own DA accounts. And even if they don’t, finding models from DA is not hard. All you have to do is search through different MMD-related groups and you’ll be sure to find model downloads. There are even groups whose only purpose is to feature these particular downloads (such as my group: HDMMD). Edits from DA rarely have passwords, and those who do are seldom THAT hard to figure out, because you can actually understand the language they’re written in.
Then on the other hand, models from the japanese side of the community (which are often featured on nico douga) can be difficult for people to find, assuming they don’t know japanese. Also translating passwords are more difficult EVEN when using google translate (or similar). Japanese is a very complex language so the translation generally gets somewhat messed up. Sometimes it can still be easy to figure out the pass anyways, sometimes not.
My main aim with this blog is to help people from the western MMDC get these japanese models without having to go through most of the hassle… So in this sense, featuring DA edits is kind of unnecessary as they can be so easily found anyways.

3. When I did feature edits from DA, it was not unusual for me to get a variety of different kinds of “complaints” from people. The most common ones was that either someone had been noticing an edit on the blog where the editor had been using “illegal” parts… and wanted me to take the edit down (from the blog). I never actually bothered with how “legal” the edits were, so I never took them down, and this did indeed upset some people.
Another pretty normal complaint was that an editor from DA, who didn’t feel I had given them enough attention by featuring their models, started talking about how XXX model I had featured was so much worse than her models.. and how could I feature that kind of crap when her own models were of such high quality?
Ofc, it was also normal that people were questioning my “tastes” when it came to edits… Because I couldn’t feature ALL of them I had to choose the ones I considered most “HQ” and this did not always make everyone happy.

So there you go, there are my real reasons why I stopped with DA edits. If I could only say one of them, the reason I stopped was mostly because I couldn’t keep up with all the new edits being released, and still have a life on the side. It was not because I somehow “liked” japanese edits more, or just “disliked” western ones. It has nothing to do with that. I see new edits all the time that even I would consider “better” than the original model which they originated from.

So yeah, sorry for the wall of text but I just felt like I should let people know this.

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